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Immerse yourself in maritime luxury with our Halo Pendant, where a series of resplendent cubic zirconia command attention amidst meticulously crafted halos adorned with more cubic zirconia dazzle, evoking the allure of the sea’s cresting waves. Crafted from sterling silver, this pendant exudes refined elegance, reminiscent of a yacht navigating the ocean’s depths. Each twist of the halo embodies the beauty of nautical ropes, adding a touch of maritime charm. Adorn yourself with this pendant and immerse yourself in a world of adventure and enchantment, where every glance at your neckline reveals a story of seafaring romance—a timeless tribute to the enduring allure of the sea and the endless possibilities it holds.


Made from 925 Sterling Silver with CZ Stone

Fei Liu Halo Pendant

SKU: HAL925R-301-CZ00
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