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Hand-made Silver Designer Pendant Necklace

This contemporary designer neckpiece in sterling silver is classic L&N; soft silvery textured loops that spin in off-centre swirls make this signature double hoop pendant; it's an extrovert design, for a big impression.

The softly curved silver hoops of varying thickness make this stunning hand-forged, double infinity looped necklace a perfect example of the care and attention to detail that we pride ourselves on. Entirely hand-forged in our workshop in the Garden of England, creating the unique L&N textured finish, softly sparkling with shiny contrasting edges. The pendant is threaded on a slinky snake chain for an elegant and easy to wear finish.

This modern piece is unique to L&N; our design philosophy is Modernist but wearable, cool but comfortable; the finish is exact and every piece is made to be easy to put on and to remove, and to look fabulous.

Entirely British hallmarked silver, hand-crafted in our workshops in the Garden of England, and every item is hand made and finished by our makers, why not pair it with a Gyra Bangle for a double looped look? You can wear it for special events, or every day it is adaptable and versatile and made to be worn.


Latham & Neve Gyra Pendant

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