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The Honesty Mix pendant necklace is a finely-crafted, three-looped sterling silver pendant motif, hanging on a fine-linked silver chain. L&N’s design is all about detail, and this piece is no exception, mixing the Honesty collection’s curving, three-dimensional form with two of best-selling Ripple’s simple circles, letting the pendant hang loosely and move with the wearer. The British Hallmarked silver is hand-beaten for a shiny finish, while the inside is softly textured. It's a subtle expression of the silversmith's art.

Everything we do is made by us, and we’ve been in the business for years. There are no stones, no stories, no gimmicks, just timeless, simple design. The philosophy at L&N is Modernist but wearable, cool but comfortable. We pride ourselves on an exact finish and every piece is made to be easy to put on and take off; made to be worn. This piece is unique to L&N and is entirely British hallmarked silver, hand-crafted in our workshops in the Garden of England.

Links 11, 18 and 28mm diameter, overall length of pendant 35mm
Snake chain 18" length

Latham & Neve Honesty Mix Pendant

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