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Delicate contemporary silver bangle
This hand-made modern designer bangle in hammered silver is L&N's Total Honesty take on the exclusive 'no-jangle bangle', which creates the illusion of seven separate bangles while actually being made from a continuous coiled length of beaten silver, making the effect of many fine bangles bound by a silver ring.This hand-forged piece is textured with a shiny hammered finish on one side and a soft satin finish on the other, with all the attention to detail you expect from L&N.

The curved hoop of the Total Honesty design owes as much to the humble Pringle as it does to Zaha Hadid's Olympic Velodrome. It's a clever, Post-Modernist melange of references, bound to be talked about in any high-brow party you might attend. But you can just wear it because it looks so beautiful!

This modern piece is unique to L&N; our design philosophy is Modernist but wearable, cool but comfortable; the finish is exact and every piece is made to be easy to put on and to remove, and to look fabulous. It is entirely British hallmarked silver, hand-crafted in our workshops in the Garden of England, and every item is either hand made or finished by our makers. Pair it with the bold and innovative Total Honesty Strand Neckpiece for a sophisticated look. You can wear it for special events, or for every day it is adaptable and versatile, and made to be worn!

Approximate equivalent inner diameter 65mm. Ripple (loop) 10mm diameter

Latham & Neve Total Honesty Bangle Silver

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